Promoting and Supporting Women’s Sport in Tauramena

Tauramena, Casanare. July 12, 2022 – To promote Tauramena women’s well-being, GeoPark supported the local Mayor’s Office, the Women’s Advisory Council and the Tauramena Council to hold this year’s first women’s race in the municipality.

More than 500 people gathered Sunday, July 3 to run 3 kilometers and honor and promote women’s well-being in the municipality. Prizes were given to the first three runners, who crossed the line in some eight minutes.

“The 3K Women’s race was a total success, and had the important support and participation of empowered, brave and inspiring women who joined this event to reaffirm their rights and promote their health and the importance of care,” said Diana Millares, Social Manager of the municipality.

Through this type of initiative, we reiterate our commitment to contribute to our neighboring communities’ health, well-being and quality of life.