NewsEnvironmental training for our neighbors

To raise awareness about the importance of taking care of natural resources and preserving the environment we held teaching events in eight villages in the rural area of Puerto Asis municipality in Putumayo.

NewsGeoPark takes part in the Global Big Day in Colombia

To support the preservation of Colombia’s biodiversity GeoPark took part in Global Big Day – the largest annual birdwatching celebration in the world – supporting birdwatching days in Casanare and Putumayo departments.

NewsMeetings for Transparency share operational, socio-economic progress with Casanare neighbors

To share information about our operational and socio-environmental management in the Llanos 34 block this year, we held our latest ‘Meetings for Transparency’ in Tauramena and Villanueva municipalities in Casanare department.

Cuéntame is the program that provides timely and effective responses to our neighbors’ concerns, worries and requests. The program allows us to understand and comprehensively approach the requests, complaints and claims that are made in our areas of operation, preventing conflict and strengthening long-term sustainable relationships.