Nature, People and the Community

GeoPark’s core principle is to build Latin America’s leading independent oil and gas company.

We know that to fulfill our mission and succeed in the long term, we must support our neighbors’ well-being and development as well as protect and conserve the environment. We must be a benchmark within our industry.

Within the framework of respect, transparency and ethics, GeoPark is committed to comprehensively managing the occupational health, industrial safety, environmental and community relations performance of the company and its contractors to prevent, minimize and mitigate negative socio-environmental impacts and maximize positive impacts.

We, the employees and owners of GeoPark, believe in and commit to the following principles:

We love life and our planet

We value the world. In our work we always conserve and protect nature, its beauty, and all forms of life in the areas where we operate, because we recognize that biodiversity is essential for humanity. We use science and our understanding of our dynamic planet to carefully make use of its natural energy resources without upsetting the balance.

Underpinned by a serious commitment to continuous improvement, we guarantee health, safety, and environmental protection in all our operations by identifying and assessing risks and impacts; establishing appropriate and necessary preventive measures to reduce the chances of incidents happening and minimize the consequences.

We act within a framework of law, sector best-practices, and international standards on health, safety, socio-environmental performance, and respect for human rights. We work together with our providers and contractors so that our management is comprehensive and responsible. Every day is an opportunity to improve.

Occupational health, industrial safety and environmental management represent a value to us, and this value is a fundamental part of our corporate culture that guides our activities safely, protecting the health and physical integrity of our people and of the environment around us.

We respect our community

The people who live in our areas of operations are neighbors with whom we want to live in harmony, and for us it is a privilege and an opportunity to work together. We work carefully to avoid generating even the smallest disturbances in our neighbors’ ways of life, sources of livelihood and their environment, as we know and accept that they are the traditional custodians of their land. We therefore involve them when addressing matters of their direct concern.

Listening and learning from the wealth of our neighbors’ local knowledge is invaluable to us, as is creating fair and mutually beneficial exchanges and partnerships with them. We want to build trust-based relationships with our neighbors, based on dialogue, ethics, and transparency so that their concerns and opinions will be heard, considered, and answered. We do this with full respect for their culture, beliefs, and environment.

We believe in the opportunity to work together with our neighbors through mutually beneficial partnerships to implement feasible actions and projects that help make sustainable improvements in their quality of life. These actions and projects are coordinated with regional and national plans to ensure their continuity, without replacing the role of the State or creating dependency or welfare relationships.

We value GeoPark

We believe that GeoPark’s long-term success will only be possible if we keep our commitments. While our mission to provide energy to the world is noble and necessary, we do not want, do not need, and will not carry out any project contrary to our principles.