Learn more about our performance through photographs and videos that reflect our commitment to good neighborliness in the areas we work in

See our SPEED/ESG 2019 Report

Our SPEED/ESG 2019 Report is about our environmental, social and corporate governance efforts and commitments.

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Encuentros por la Transparencia

Tauramena, Casanare (COL)


An event with our neighbors in Tauramena, to promote dialogue and good neighborliness.

Huellas de vida

Tauramena, Casanare (COL)


See the highlights of this tribute to our elderly neighbors in Tauramena, Casanare.

Reserva Natural de la Sociedad Civil

Paz de Ariporo, Casanare (COL)


The La Esmeralda nature reserve that we donated to the Paz de Ariporo municipality in 2019 is an excellent example of the landscape of Colombia’s Orinoquia region.

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Our SAFETY performance “Yo le Apuesto a la Seguridad Vial”. SPEED/ESG 2019

At GeoPark the culture of SAFETY is in everything that we do. We have run the “Yo le Apuesto a la Seguridad Vial” program in Colombia since 2012, which aims to eliminate traffic accidents on the roads where we operate.

Our Gender Equality performance. SPEED/ESG 2019

Gender equality is a fundamental part of management at GeoPark. 32% of our employees and 38% of our management team ARE WOMEN.

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Colombia Somos Todos James Rodríguez

Casanare, (COL)


Through the partnership we developed with the Colombia Somos Todos James Rodriguez foundation, we promoted the social skills of 200 children and young people from Casanare through recreation and sports.

Mujer Valiente

Villanueva, Casanare (COL)


In this event we celebrated and saluted the important role of women in society.

Our Environmental performance. SPEED/ESG 2019

At GeoPark we are committed to implementing best environmental practice.

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Our Community Development performance. SPEED/ESG 2019

Our Comprehensive Environment Management Model has allowed us to be the partner of choice in the local communities where we work and keep the social license to operate, with a record of ZERO community blockades affecting the operation in the last five years.

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