We want to be the preferred neighbor and ally, based on a sustainable relationship of learning, exchange and mutual benefit with local communities.

Our good neighborliness is based on listening to and learning from communities, respecting their customs and traditions, reinforcing their identity and generating genuine, sustainable and long-term relationships. This allows us to accompany and enhance their development, minimize our impact and uphold environmentally responsible operations. Our presence and direct, warm and transparent relationship are based on four principles: dialogue of equals, genuine relationships, trust and commitment.

“Cuéntame” is what GeoPark uses to respond to what our stakeholders tell us. It is a program for the timely and effective consideration of requests, complaints and claims that stakeholders may have in relation to GeoPark’s operational presence in their territories.

“Cuéntame” has allowed us to strengthen the bonds of trust between GeoPark and its neighbors. It involves different areas of specialization within the Company, which analyze issues raised to create action plans that provide responses and bring effective closure.

Our Partners

We coordinate with institutional partners to support our sustainability work in the areas we operate in.

Fundación Colombia Somos Todos James Rodríguez

A sports and high-performance training project for 200 young people in Casanare, Colombia.

Patrulla Aérea Civil Colombiana

Medical-surgical brigades that have changed the lives of our neighbors in Casanare, Colombia.

Corporación Minuto de Dios

A sustainable housing program to improve our neighbors’ quality of life.

Lego Education

The installation of the first two Lego classrooms in Casanare.

Financiera de Desarrollo Territorial (FINDETER)

Partnership for Regional Development Planning in Tauramena and Villanueva municipalities, Colombia.

Fundación Orinoquia Biodiversa (FOB)

Land conservation programs in Tauramena and wildlife crossings in our operations areas in Casanare, Colombia.


A partnership for the creation of a comprehensive environment management plan in Colombia.