Biodiversity data management training program for companies launched with SiB Colombia

Bogota, Colombia. January 11, 2023 – We have launched a biodiversity training program in partnership with Colombia’s Biodiversity Information System (SiB Colombia), the CNAB water and biodiversity center of National Entrepreneurs’ Association ANDI and the Global Biodiversity Information Infrastructure (GBIF). The Corporate Management for Nature: Training Path to Biodiversity Data Mobility program aims to raise awareness in companies from all economic sectors about the importance of biodiversity, and provide guidelines on reporting and publishing data through SiB Colombia and GBIF.

The training has five online courses organized by topic. Users who complete the full program will have the opportunity to be certified and will be able to access lectures by researchers and leaders in biodiversity data management from SiB Colombia.

The expected outcome is that the business sector will continue to increase the number of published biological records that help fill information gaps and generate information on the large number of species of fauna and flora in Colombia, providing inputs for decision-making and the formulation of strategies for their restoration and preservation. SiB Colombia already has more than three million free and open access biological records that have been voluntarily shared by at least 38 companies in the country, most of them from the mining and energy sector.

The project launch took place at ANDI facilities in Bogota with the presence of National Water Center director Dora Moncada, SiB Colombia coordinator Dairo Escobar, GeoPark Environmental Manager Fabiola Pena, and a number of academics. At the launch, acclaimed Universidad de los Andes researcher and Biological Sciences PhD Juan Armando Sánchez reflected on the importance of having open biodiversity data to face the climate crisis.

Anyone interested in participating in the training can register at by January 31, 2023.

For us, promoting knowledge of Colombia’s biodiversity shows our commitment to preserving the environment and caring for environmental services in the areas where we operate. Since 2018 we have been part of ANDI’s Biodiversity and Development initiative, through which public and private actors have pooled efforts to promote environmental protection.