Canteen donations benefit over 5,000 Putumayo students

Puerto Asis, Putumayo. October 5, 2022 – Through the Works for Taxes scheme, we have donated kitchen tools and fixtures to canteens in over 160 educational centers and institutions in Puerto Guzman to enhance learning environments and help reduce the school dropout rate.

Investing more than 4 billion pesos to benefit more than 5,000 students in the municipality, we coordinated the project with the Ministry of Education, the Government of Putumayo, and the Puerto Guzman Mayor’s Office, and were supported by the Territory Renewal Agency.

“It’s tremendously satisfying to be a partner in Puerto Guzman’s education. We recognize that the well-being of children and adolescents is fundamental to forging a future of opportunities,” Sustainable Development coordinator Ivette González said at a September 8 ceremony to mark the start of supplies to the schools. “Today we express our gratitude to the National Government for allowing us to participate in this initiative, and to the Government of Putumayo and the Puerto Guzman Mayor’s Office for their leadership in promoting initiatives that contribute to the construction of a more just, equitable and inclusive society,” she added.

“Thanks to the authorities that make this initiative possible and to the private companies that invest their taxes in this way,” Puerto Guzmán Mayor Edison Mora said. “We have many needs, and these types of actions allow us to benefit our population, our students.”


The project is part of our contribution to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals and helps students in Putumayo access quality services in educational centers institutions in Puerto Guzmán.


We hope to continue building strategic partnerships and deliver projects that contribute to quality education in the municipalities where we operate.