Donations to 39 Child Development Centers in Putumayo get underway

Putumayo. February 11 2022 – In a project led by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), we have started delivering furniture, pedagogical materials, audiovisual equipment, appliances, kitchen and cleaning accessories, and underwear to 39 Child Development Centers in Putumayo department with the objective of reinforcing learning environments and supporting children’s integral development.

The project is being implemented through the PDET Works for Taxes mechanism and developed together with the ICBF and the Territory Renewal Agency. More than 3,300 children from nine municipalities in the department will benefit, and to date four deliveries have been made to two centers in Puerto Guzman and two in Puerto Asis. The delivery of equipment and supplies is expected to be completed by June.

“We are convinced that education is fundamental in the construction of a better society since it promotes equal opportunities and strengthens the integral development of children in our country,” Nature and Neighbors Corporate Director Norma Sanchez said. “We recognize that children are our future. Through this initiative the public and private sectors are pooling efforts to help consolidate a more just, equitable and inclusive society in the long term.”

In turn, ICBF general director Lina Arbelaez said “I really want to thank private companies for generating development for the country. With their contribution -supplies for the Child Development Centers- vulnerable children in Putumayo can access essential equipment and materials for their cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development, which is transcendentally important in the rest of their lives.”

This work that we carry out together with national and local institutions is an opportunity to continue making good on our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that children and adolescents have access to care services that contribute to their integral development.

We will continue working to develop strategic partnerships that contribute to the sustainable development of the territories where we operate.