First annual suppliers meeting, Alianza Pro

We successfully completed our first annual supplier meeting, which creates closer relations with the companies in our value chain. The Alianza Pro event brought together leaders and representatives of more than 90 contractors in Colombia, and was important in strengthening our relationship with this important group of stakeholders.

The April 17 meeting in Bogota was a platform to reaffirm our commitment to developing operations under the highest health and safety standards. Over the course of four hours, our leaders highlighted the importance of upholding a strong safety culture and working as a team to ensure a successful operation.

To consolidate the highest health and safety standards, we highlighted seven companies that showed outstanding occupational health and safety management during 2023 and achieved an outstanding rating in the annual performance evaluation. The companies were Global Tech Servicios y Soluciones and Servicusiana S.A.S from Cusiana, and Transpetroleros and Unimedical del Sur S.A.S. from Putumayo. Weatherford Colombia Limited, Atina Energy and Omia Colombia S.A.S. were also highlighted.

“We are grateful for the commitment and work that each of the companies in our value chain undertakes every day, and whose good work is essential for the success of GeoPark’s operation,” our Health and Safety Manager Carlos Gomez said. “This first meeting, as well as reinforcing our commitment to operational excellence, also allows us to learn about the areas in which we can improve so that we can raise the performance of our operation together with our contractors,” he added.

We are committed to continuing to strengthen our relationship with the different companies that are part of our value chain to promote the exchange of best practice and identify opportunities to strengthen the development of safe and sustainable activities.