Neuquen Teachers Train in Cybersecurity

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24, 2020

GeoPark gave a training session on cybersecurity in the context of online education to 60 elementary school teachers, directors and supervisors in the towns of Plaza Huincul and Cutral Co in Argentina’s Neuquen province on June 19. The training was held in coordination with the Institutional Liaison Office of the province’s Ministry of Education.

GeoPark information security specialist Marco Antonio Cabrera, a 20-year veteran in the prevention and detection of cybersecurity risks, covered topics including information security background, the history of cybersecurity and cybercrime, the beginning of the computer age, malware and phishing, and security in passwords, equipment and devices. The meeting also covered global and regional cybersecurity developments related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“[The training] was an excellent initiative that made it possible to see how exposed we are through our devices, and what measures we have to incorporate to protect ourselves,” said Mabel Arce, director of rural primary school N°176 in Challaco. Teacher and music supervisor Silvia Fernandez highlighted the long-term benefit of the activity. “Proposals like this help us to have healthy and safe communication in times when virtual communication is here to stay and to increase quality of life,” she said.

Within the framework of its sustainability strategy, a GeoPark priority is to promote educational projects in the communities neighboring its operations, with the commitment to become the neighbor and partner of choice, based on a sustainable relationship of learning and mutual benefit.