GeoPark Starts a New Training Program for 130 Social Leaders in Casanare

Casanare, Colombia. October 28, 2021 – Aware of the important work carried out by social leaders, wanting to contribute to the development of the territories it operates in and drawing on lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, GeoPark started a new training program in 2021 for 130 social leaders – including 14 youth leaders – in the municipalities of Villanueva and Tauramena in Casanare department.

The training will be delivered over the next three months and will consist of a series of theoretical and practical workshops in which experts will work hand in hand with leaders in aspects such as leadership skills, human rights, processes to build peace and community organization, change management, and other topics that meet participants’ expectations.

The training sessions are part of Líderes por la Buena Convivencia, a community relations leadership program that GeoPark has led since 2018 to help change the approach to conflict with leaders from urban and rural areas around its operations. Through this program and with the support of different institutional partners, more than 60 leaders have been trained to date.

Through this program, GeoPark reiterates its commitment to respecting the human rights of its neighboring communities by creating spaces that encourage participation, inclusion, and dialogue among equals, while advancing towards its goal of helping to build a legacy of prosperity in the territories it operates in.

Since it started operations in Colombia in 2012, GeoPark has worked constantly to strengthen its leadership, communications, and community organization capacities.