GeoPark takes part in the Global Big Day in Colombia

Colombia, May 23, 2022 – To support the preservation of Colombia’s biodiversity GeoPark took part in Global Big Day – the largest annual birdwatching celebration in the world – supporting birdwatching days in Casanare and Putumayo departments.

On the Big Day on May 14, more than 410 birdwatchers registered as many bird species as they could on E-bird, a platform managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that has more than 100 million bird records. Since 2017 Colombia has been one of the countries with the most bird species registered in this global event

This year GeoPark took part in activities organized by Casanare and Putumayo department governments for birdwatchers to participate in the event. Several sighting routes were held in Casanare, and 430 bird records were registered. In Putumayo there were 67 routes through several municipalities and more than 520 species were registered.

“We’re delighted to participate in this event dedicated to learning more about the richness of bird species in Colombia,” Environmental Manager Fabiola Peña said. “The data obtained during the event, in addition to demonstrating Colombia’s great biodiversity, gives us more knowledge about our environment from which we can promote more effective conservation strategies,” she said.

Through this activity that promotes knowledge and protects biodiversity, we reiterate our commitment to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in the territories we operate in.