Investment of over 18 billion pesos in Casanare through works for taxes projects

The Agency for Territorial Renewal (ART), together with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, has approved four projects to promote the development of three municipalities in Casanare that we will finance through the Works for Taxes program.

Investment in the projects is more than 18 billion pesos, and will benefit 5,600 inhabitants of the rural areas of Hato Corozal, Paz de Ariporo and Monterrey, which are classified within the Areas Most Affected by the Armed Conflict (ZOMAC). Social and economic investment will help create energy communities with the installation of photovoltaic solutions in more than 1,000 homes in Paz de Ariporo and Monterrey, and will improve the conditions of the 39 educational institutions in Hato Corozal.

“GeoPark is a company that has been operating in Colombia for 12 years and has a firm commitment to the development of the country and its regions,” our Nature and Neighbors Manager Anibal Fernandez de Soto said. “We are pleased to once again carry out investment projects through Works for Taxes, where we partner the National Government for the social and economic transformation of communities, bringing more shared prosperity to thousands of families.”

We have already completed two projects under the Works for Taxes program in Putumayo, focused on improving the conditions of educational institutions to benefit more than 8,000 children and their families. These projects provided equipment to 39 Child Development Centers (CDI) that are part of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, and to 168 school canteens.

Announcing these strategic social investment projects reaffirms our commitment to the sustainable development of the regions where we carry out our oil exploration and production activities.

About the Works for Taxes program

Works for Taxes is a mechanism through which private companies can contribute to closing socioeconomic gaps in the municipalities most affected by poverty and violence, through financing projects with economic and social impacts that contribute to the development of these municipalities.

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