Llanera culture in Casanare

Casanare, Colombia, 3 de mayo de 2021 – Harps, joropo music, alpargatas (flat, canvas shoes) and the cuatro (a stringed guitar-like instrument) are key parts of the Llanera culture from Colombia’s eastern plains, the Llanos Orientales. And when you put them together with poems, dances and songs that spring from the soul, the art they embody represents the region’s customs and traditions.

Since we started working in Casanare in 2012 we have been part of cultural events such as the Rodeo Folklore Festival in Tauramena, the Festival of the Colonies in Villanueva, the JineteandoJoropo fair and many others to honor the cultural essence of our neighboring communities and help preserve and strengthen their cultural heritage.

You can know more about llanera culture from Rafael Camargo, one of its main exponents, here: