Meetings for Transparency share operational, socio-economic progress with Casanare neighbors

Casanare. May 20, 2022 – To share information about our operational and socio-environmental management in the Llanos 34 block this year, we held our latest ‘Meetings for Transparency’ in Tauramena and Villanueva municipalities in Casanare department. At GeoPark we have held these meetings periodically since our arrival in Colombia in 2012. They are open spaces in which our leaders in the operational, social, labor, environmental and safety areas present the results of our management to local authorities and resolve stakeholders’ concerns and expectations regards our operations. Meetings for Transparency promote dialogue as the primary form of relationship, as well as active listening and open and transparent communication, and through them we double down on our commitment to good neighborliness. We will continue to develop projects that allow us to promote the creation of value in the territories we work in to ensure the successful and responsible development of our operations.