Over 300 Villanueva families take part in environmental and soft skills project

Villanueva, Casanare. December 5, 2022 – To further consolidate safe spaces for children in Villanueva in the south of Casanare department, GeoPark has started a project to train children in environmental issues and soft skills. The project has been implemented in all six sites of the San Agustin educational institution.

Some 310 students took part in different teaching and games days through which they understood the importance of issues such as recycling and waste management, and growing fresh produce at home. As well as the environmental themes, the children also took part in psychosocial workshops to reinforce areas such as resilience, perseverance, patience, and other important social skills.

“We are very happy with the results we’ve got from this program,” GeoPark Neighborhood Relations professional Margareth Puentes said. “We implemented it to strengthen the safe spaces of children and adolescents who neighbor our operations, helping create an environment that is conducive to them exercising their rights effectively.”

Such initiatives are part of our commitment to create learning opportunities and contribute to improving and promoting the quality of life of children and adolescents in the territories where we operate