Over 700 Villanueva people benefit from our health drive with the Colombian Civil Air Patrol

To support the well-being of our neighbors in Villanueva, we carried out the eighth health brigade in the municipality together with the Colombian Civil Air Patrol (PAC). More than 49 health professionals took part, offering specialized health services to over 700 people.

The drive gave free-of-charge access to medical consultations in dermatology, gynecology, optometry, pediatrics and ultrasound, as well as surgical services in gynecology, ophthalmology, general surgery and family planning.

The drive’s positive balance was reflected in more than 850 medical interactions, including 690 specialized medical consultations, 70 surgeries, 116 non-surgical procedures, and others.

“These brigades are very good because it is very difficult for us to get to Yopal. I have been waiting for surgery for several years, and it was the Air Patrol doctors who operated on me,” said Leonel Doncel, one of those who received treatment.

“We are proud to continue promoting initiatives that contribute to improving the living conditions of our neighboring communities and that help to access health services,” GeoPark Nature and Neighbors Manager Anibal Fernandez de Soto said. “Our thanks go to those who took part in the drive, as well as the Villanueva Mayor’s Office for its support, and our partner the Colombian Civil Air Patrol for bringing its professionalism and vocation to the mission of promoting the health of our neighbors.”

“We consolidated our mission of bringing the hospital to people and this time with great emotion we returned to Villanueva hand in hand with GeoPark,” Colombian Civil Air Patrol general director Pamela Estrada said. “Since 2017, within the framework of our partnership with the Company, we have carried out 15 health brigades, in which we have improved the quality of life of nearly 10,000 people with more than 22,000 medical attentions, including 10,600 specialized medical consultations and 1,276 surgeries.”

Through our commitment to continue to contribute to the health and well-being of the people of Villanueva, and thanks to the development our operation in the municipality, we will continue to support high-impact social investment projects.