Over 8,000 Putumayo children benefit from our projects

Bogota, Colombia, March 6, 2023 – We completed two social investment projects in nine municipalities in Putumayo department, benefiting more than 8,000 children and their families. Through this initiative, we equipped 39 Child Development Centers (CDI) of the department and 168 canteens at educational institutions in Puerto Guzmán municipality.

We put more than 11 billion pesos into donating teaching materials, furniture, kitchen equipment and instruments and other necessary supplies to ensure the well-being of Putumayo children. These projects, carried out together with the Ministry of Education, the Putumayo Governor’s Office and the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, and supported by the Agency for Territorial Renewal through the Works for Taxes mechanism, help strengthen learning environments and provide good nutrition for children.

The projects are new opportunities for GeoPark to help improve people’s living conditions. “We thank all the organizations involved for the trust placed in us to deliver these important initiatives that make us partners in building a more just, equitable and inclusive society,” our sustainable development coordinator Ivette González said.

Since our arrival in Colombia, we have worked to promote development and close gaps in the territories we operate in through coordinating technical and financial efforts with public and private entities. In the last two years, we have worked on high social impact projects providing energy to more than 458 families in Putumayo through the installation of solar panels, training more than 60 social leaders in Putumayo in the promotion of peaceful coexistence, and enhancing the living conditions of our neighboring communities in Puerto Asis through improvements and adaptations in more than 1,042 homes.

With the completion of the two Works for Taxes projects, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable territorial development while helping Putumayo children access quality services in institutions and educational centers.

We hope to continue building strategic partnerships and delivering projects that contribute to the progress of Colombia and the municipalities that we work in.