Progress in Fauna Monitoring in Llanos 34 Block (Casanare, Colombia)

Casanare, Colombia. December 16, 2021 – Within the framework of our partnership with the Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation (FOB) to identify flora and fauna in the Llanos 34 block, in Tauramena and Villanueva in the Casanare department, we monitored the Pteronura brasilienis otter year-round to establish its population.

Twenty-five different individuals have been identified in the year to date, making up five family groups. These groups have been recorded after different expeditions, on water and on land, on the Tua River, the Piñalito and Huesero streams, and the gallery forests in the area.

These findings give us more information about the species, helping us make conservation measures for the sustainability of the otter population and its habitat in the areas surrounding the Llanos 34 block.