Repairing the Vara-Soceagro road in Villanueva, Casanare

To support connectivity in the south of Casanare, we will contribute to road repairs between Vara and Soceagro in Villanueva as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable development and the strengthening of the department’s infrastructure. 

Acknowledging the importance of road infrastructure for regional progress and for our neighboring communities, we voluntarily committed over 12 billion pesos to repair a 17.5 km section of the road, one of Villanueva’s most strategic routes. 

Villanueva company Maboh will carry out the work, which is expected to be completed by year-end. The initiative will strengthen regional productive dynamics and improve the living conditions of local inhabitants through the improved road connectivity. 

“This project is a sign of our commitment to the community and its development,” said our Production Manager Milton Reyes. “We work with local authorities and our neighboring communities to deliver high-impact projects that promote well-being and sustainable development in Casanare.” 

The repairs to the Vara-Soceagro stretch of road are in addition to other road improvements that we have supported during more than a decade of working in Casanare. In this time, we have invested more than 59 billion pesos in improving 130 kilometers of roads in the region, including paving more than 24 kilometers of the Casanare Central Road. 

 The Vara-Soceagro project is aligned with the Government of Casanare’s Road Recovery Plan, and through it we contribute to improving road connectivity and boosting regional productive dynamics in the communities where we work.