Response to the public health emergency in Puerto Asís, Putumayo

Puerto Asis, Putumayo. May 18, 2022 – GeoPark has supplied two water tanks that each have a 300,000-liter (150 m3) capacity in response to the health emergency caused by the Putumayo River breaking its banks and limiting access to drinking water for 17,000 families in the municipality.

Thanks to the leadership and coordination of the Puerto Asis Mayor’s Office, we were able to opportunely supply the tanks, which allow the local water utility to add storage capacity and increase water supply. On delivering the tanks, our Neighbor Relations Coordinator Mayrene Forero emphasized our commitment to the municipality and increasing the quality of life of Puerto Asis inhabitants in times of difficulty because of the health emergency.

We hope that the municipality will soon overcome this situation, and we reiterate our intention to continue contributing to the territorial development of Putumayo through the generation of well-being and opportunities in the territory.