Support for Organic Cane Sugar Community Project in Puerto Asis

Puerto Asis, Putumayo. November 30, 2021 – As part of our principles of good neighborliness and promoting local development, we donated a tractor to the association of cane sugar producers in the village of Quebradon to support the production of organic sugar. Representatives of several communities in the rural area of Puerto Asis lead the project.

We recognize the hard work and financial commitment made by people in the project, most of whom are in the process of reintegration and in the project have found a new opportunity to generate income. Through the donation of the tractor and helping the management and organization of this project, we support the project and applaud the work of those who dream and work to transform their lives, becoming examples of peace, leadership and entrepreneurship.

“We appreciate the opportunity that the leaders of this important project have given us to be part of the realization of their dreams of progress and well-being. This project represents the values of Putumayo workers and demonstrates people’s impetus and entrepreneurial spirit,” Neighbor Relations leader Maria del Pilar Rodriguez said on handing over the tractor. “La nueva Amerisur will continue working on strengthening this project through training days in cooperatives and entrepreneurship so that this association grows continuously and promotes sustainable development in the area.”

We firmly believe in our neighbors’ capacities to lead projects that support overall community development. Therefore, and in line with our goal of being a territorial development partner, we will continue to support projects that contribute to the construction of peace, the reduction of inequalities and progress in meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.