Supporting quality education with study kits

Colombia, February 14 2022 – To support the learning process of children and adolescents in Casanare, Meta and Putumayo, we have given almost 4,000 study kits to our youngest neighbors at the start of a new school year.

Supported by local authorities, community representatives and staff at educational institutions, we donated study kits in eight municipalities in the three departments. Each kit included a backpack, colors, pencils, copy books and a note pad. To promote self-care measures in the context of Covid, we also provided hygiene kits.

“We continue to support the education of children and adolescents who neighbor our operations,” Neighbor Relations Leader Sergio Eugenio said. “Our commitment as a Company, and fundamentally as good neighbors, is to contribute decisively to make quality education a reality in this region.”

In our goal of becoming a partner for territorial development, we will continue to lead this type of initiative every year, helping fulfill the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).