Taking the Big Screen to Barranca de Upía and Cabuyaro

Meta, May 8 2023 – As part of our commitment to creating good neighborliness and to celebrate Children’s Day with our youngest neighbors, we took a travelling cinema to Barranca de Upía and Cabuyaro municipalities.

For three days, families in the villages of Visos de Upía and El Hijoa were able to enjoy the opportunity to watch a movie and share a pleasant moment in community.

“We are very pleased to have held this project in Meta to provide a different and memorable experience for our neighboring families, promoting family spaces for recreation,” said Miguel Ángel Contreras, our Neighbor Relations leader at GeoPark. “With this initiative, in addition to bringing communities together, we encourage the good use of free time and help promote a healthy life and well-being for all our neighbors,” he added.