Tauramena’s first green classroom opens

Tauramena, Casanare – Together with the Tauramena Mayor’s Office, the Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation (FOB) and Tauramena school CRIEET, we officially opened the municipality’s first green classroom, an innovative architectural space designed to support the educational process and connect students with nature.

The green classroom measures over 100 m², is sustainably designed and incorporates natural and recycled materials such as natural stones and pipes previously used in drilling oil wells. Gabions are used to promote the natural flow of water and prevent soil erosion, and the design includes solar panels for power generation and a rainwater harvesting system.

“Since GeoPark’s foundation, environmental care and preservation have been central to our work. We are pleased to have participated in the construction of the first green classroom in Tauramena, helping support environmentally-conscious education,” our Environmental Manager Fabiola Pena said at the opening ceremony.

In addition to promoting the quality of education in Tauramena through improving infrastructure, this initiative will also show students the importance of protecting the environment and everyone’s shared responsibility in doing so.

Compared to the use of conventional materials such as cement and bricks, the classroom’s ecological footprint is 49% smaller. This reduction is due to the fact that natural materials optimize the use of resources and have a lower environmental impact.

Also in the opening ceremony, we launched ‘Biodiversity in the Llanos 34 Block,’ a book with detailed information on animal and plant species in the area surrounding Llanos 34 in the municipalities of Tauramena and Villanueva. The book draws on the identification, monitoring and characterization of biodiversity we carried out through voluntary initiatives and in compliance with our environmental license. This is our second joint publication with the Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation, and represents a major step towards consolidating technical information to increase knowledge about local biodiversity.

“Knowing more about our biodiversity will allow us to develop effective strategies for its protection and conservation,” said Karen Pérez, General Director of the Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation.

We thank the Tauramena Mayor’s Office, Corporinoquia, the Orinoquia Biodiversa Foundation and CRIEET for their support and collaboration in these projects that have a high social and environmental impact in the region.

To see the book ‘Biodiversity in the Llanos 34 Block,’ click here.