Villanueva Mayor’s Office and GeoPark Open Rescue Organization Headquarters in Southern Casanare

Villanueva, Casanare – September 9, 2020

Thanks to the effort, trust and commitment of leaders of the Red Cross and Civil Defense, the previous and current municipal administrations of Villanueva and the support of GeoPark, the municipality opened two headquarters for rescue organizations that will benefit more than 45,000 people from the region. In this 231 m² complex, located at Transversal 1 #7-67 in Villanueva, the Red Cross and Civil Defense will be able to store and access their emergency equipment, and will also be able to train the people in their work groups.

This public-private partnership strengthens the response capacity of relief agencies, whose effective and timely action in emergencies is vital to ensure the well-being of the community. “Thanks to the work and good relations that we have built with GeoPark since the beginning of our Government, today we have completed this project that celebrates and recognizes the great commitment and dedication of the Civil Defense and the Red Cross to all the people of Villanueva,” Villanueva Mayor Oswal Fontecha Pachon said at the opening ceremony of the new premises.

Blanca Hilda Hernandez, President of the Casanare branch of the Colombian Red Cross, expressed her gratitude to the Municipality of Villanueva and GeoPark for the construction of the headquarters. “This great step will allow us to advance in our purpose of advancing all the humanitarian activities in the municipality and to be closer to the Villanueva community,” she said.

Since the United Nations defined the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GeoPark has worked to align all its social benefit projects with the fulfillment of these goals. The inauguration of these relief agency headquarters promotes the fulfillment of SDG 11, “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”

Villanueva company Arquitectura, Ingenieria y Montajes S.A.S. was responsible for the construction of these headquarters, a project that generated more than 30 jobs for local workers.