We have become a member of CERES in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador  – We are pleased to announce that we have recently joined CERES, Ecuador’s largest social responsibility and sustainable development network.

We have included the promotion of sustainable development in all our decisions and actions since we were founded in 2002. This commitment is reflected in SPEED, our Integrated Value System that guides all our activities in five interdependent areas: Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development, and shows how we understand and promote sustainability.

Joining CERES underscores how our purpose of Creating Energy for Life aligns with the global sustainability agenda. We are strongly committed to continuing to support Ecuador’s sustainable development through our oil and gas activities, creating and sharing prosperity with authorities and neighboring communities.

CERES has more than 100 members including businesses, civil society organizations and educational entities, and facilitates the exchange of experiences, constructive dialogue and training in socially responsibility. We will actively participate in CERES as part of our commitment to strengthen our sustainability management and to promote Ecuador’s social and economic development.

For more information about CERES, visit https://www.redceres.com.