Working with Putumayo Chamber of Commerce to support economic recovery

Puerto Asis, Putumayo. October 3, 2022 – Supporting economic and productive development in Puerto Asis, together with the Putumayo Chamber of Commerce we held a business strengthening program attended by more than 120 local companies.

With input from national learning service SENA, businesses received training in making investment proposals to strengthen their companies and make business plans. At the end of the training, participants presented their business proposals to a jury made up of the multidisciplinary teams of the Chamber of Commerce and La nueva Amerisur. The jury selected the 60 best projects, which will receive an economic incentive to leverage their businesses.

“We appreciate the commitment of all the Puerto Asis entrepreneurs and business people who participated in this business strengthening program,” Neighbor Relations coordinator Mayrene Forero said. “We believe that this joint work with the Putumayo Chamber of Commerce will allow us to continue supporting the economic development of the area and contribute to the growth of local companies,” she added.

“Puerto Asis today has 120 productive units with basic tools to make business plans, of which 60 received great economic and technical support from La nueva Amerisur today,” Putumayo Chamber of Commerce Executive Chair Deccy Ibarra said. “We thank all participants for taking part and spending time in leveraging their business growth.”

Faithful to our commitment to territorial development, we will continue to promote projects and initiatives with local partners that help the economic recovery of Putumayo, reduce inequalities, and support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.