GeoPark Salutes Casanare Women with Leadership Talks and a Health Drive

Casanare, Colombia. November 11, 2021 – To salute women for their work in communities and to promote their capacity to lead positive community transformations, GeoPark held the fifth version of Mujer Valiente in Tauramena and Villanueva municipalities in Casanare department.

Cancer campaign group Liga Colombiana Contra el Cancer carried out medical appointments focused on the prevention and diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer in support of Mujer Valiente, which promotes the well-being of women who live in areas neighboring the Company. In four days of activities in October, the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, more than 300 women between the ages of 16 and 70 were attended, and 330 mammograms and 228 pap tests were performed.

“We are pleased to have provided early detection and prevention services for breast and cervical cancer to Casanare women Tauramena and Villanueva,” said Beatriz Romero, president of the Meta chapter of the Liga Colombiana Contra el Cancer. “We recognize that raising awareness and promoting understanding of these types of pathologies are essential to reduce the risks that women face.”

As well as the health drive, Mujer Valiente participants head leadership talks given by Cafam Casanare Woman of the Year 2020 Nubia Castillo and the Corazón de Mujer Foundation, aiming at encouraging women to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and put it to work for their communities.

The initiative reaffirmed GeoPark’s commitment to community development and promoting the leadership, well-being and quality of life of women who neighbor its operations.