Shushufindi bird life guidebook launched with Limoncocha Biological Reserve

Sucumbios, Ecuador. January 11, 2023 – Under the leadership of the Limoncocha Biological Reserve, we recently launched the third edition of the Photographic Guide of Birds of the Shushufindi Canton so that the diversity of bird species in the region is more widely known.

The publication is supported by Shushufindi authorities and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, and contains information on the characteristics and most relevant aspects of more than 150 bird species in the Canton, which is part of Ecuador’s Sucumbios province.

Promoting knowledge of Shushufindi’s biodiversity shows GeoPark’s commitment to the preserving the environment, caring for environmental services in the areas where we operate and sustainability, Environment and Neighbors Manager Maria Gabriela Moreta detailed. “We are confident that the information contained in this Guide will contribute to developing much more effective conservation and protection plans,” she said.

With this type of initiative that promotes knowledge of biodiversity and its protection, we respect Ecuador’s natural wealth and reiterate our commitment to help fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals in the territories where we operate.